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Don Carlos

In 1990, Bruto and Rosaria Sordini founded the RES Company based in Cagli, Italy. The flagship product of the RES Company was the Don Carlos Pipes, which have been in the market since 1992. That was when the flagship made its landing, in other words, that was the end of our story…

To tell the story from the beginning and to know the origin of Don Carlos Pipes, we must go back 32 years in time, when Bruto Sordini came into the world of pipe-making almost by chance. It is a story of how a hobby became a passion, and where the passion is transformed into one’s life’s work and one’s reason for being.

Bruto was 25 years old, a student who smoked pipes but was never satisfied with pipes he purchased from the shops. He met an older gentleman, Primo Soriani, who was a master pipe-maker and had been making pipes during the early years of the twentieth century. Soriani’s memory of his craftsmanship was awakened and he decided to dust-off his old tools and to start making pipes again, this time together with Bruto.

While searching for briar Bruto met pipemakers in Pesaro, Italy, and began years of collaboration with them until the founding of the RES Company.

Ever since, Bruto has strived to elevate the Don Carlos brand by continually innovating the pipe-making process; as well as to become one of the most highly appreciated pipemakers in the world by maintaining the flow of fresh ideas for artistic flairs of that 25-year-old young man who transformed his passion into his life’s profession, where that passion is exhibited in every pipe he crafts.